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MVT503S 24Vac 300N

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Actuator for zone valves and terminal units.
Force 300 N and proportional control signal.
Power supply 24 Vac and max stroke 9 mm.

Connection with ring nut M30x1.5.
The MVT actuator is used in combination with pull / push valves or in conjunction with fixed stroke valves with return spring. Allows the control of the flow of hot and cold water in two and four-pipe terminal units, zone plants, solar systems, small post-heating and dehumidification batteries.

The MVT actuator is bi-directional electric. The valve stem is driven by a synchronous motor and a gear train optimized for high performance and minimum noise emissions.
The actuator is equipped with a limit force mechanism that interrupts the motor power supply when the force of 300N is reached.
If configured as a car ride, the proportional models software allows the learning of the stroke, so it can be used on any valve as long as it respects the maximum stroke limit allowed.

MVT503S is also equipped with 3 Signaling LEDs.
More Information
Power supply 24 V AC
Power consumption Max. [VA] 3,6
Power consumption [W] 3
Force [N] 300
IP 43
Stroke [mm] 9
Control signal Proportional
Working range 0÷10 V DC, 0÷5 V DC, 2÷6 V DC, 2÷10 V DC, 5÷10 V DC, 6÷10 V DC, 4÷20 mA
Emergency Return No
Application for valves
Actuators type Motoric