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iC Connect
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iC Connect, all-in-one client platform for Windows

The iC Connect is our response to clients’ needs. Our primary goal was to establish a common platform for a product database and compatible software, all in one place. The iC Connect allows to manage all installed iSMA CONTROLLI applications using one convenient tool.

Ease and Convenience
No need to waste time searching through multiple sources - the iC Connect provides one space for all software compatible with all iSMA CONTROLLI products. It features a two-way search: either by product or by software. Each product page indicates compatible applications, and each software page shows related products.

Full Control
Manage all installed iSMA CONTROLLI applications in a simple and effi cient manner. The iC Connect supports software installations and updates, along with an auto-update function.

The iC Connect features allow the user to focus on what truly matters without unnecessary hassle. Amog others, it allows to list favorite applications, which enables tracking most recent software developments without a time-consuming research.

The auto-update function ensures that both the iC Connect and all managed software are always in latest versions.

• Easy installation
• Free registration and login
• Product and software database
• Filtering by software or product
• Auto-update
• Notifi cations
• Light and dark color themes
• Multilingual support
• Shortcuts and favorites
• Online documentation browsing