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2FAA15PR2 DN15 Kvs=1,6

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2-way globe valve for high temperatures PN40
DN15, Kvs=1.6 and flanged connections
Stainless steel body and plug
Fluid temperature -20/350 °C
The 2FAA.P valves are used for the control of fluids belonging to group 1 (water, superheated water, steam, diathermic oil) in air conditioning systems, thermo-ventilation and civil heating, industrial or plants and thermal machines of industrial processes. They can not be used as safety valves.
The construction features with an equipercentual plug made of stainless steel make them particularly suitable for applications with fluids at very high temperatures (max 350 °C) or very low temperatures (-20 °C) in the "T" version. The seals are made with graphite seals for high temperatures. The materials used for the valve body and internal parts make them suitable for high pressures, temperatures and aggressive fluids (superheated steam and diathermic oil).
More Information
Valve body Steel
Plug Inox
PN 40
T Fluid min [°C] -20
T Fluid max [°C] 350
Leakage [% Kvs] 0,02
Stroke [mm] 16,5
Valve type 2 way
DN [mm] 15.00
Kvs 1.60
Connection Flanged
Fluid Oil, Steam
Max Differential Press. [kPa] 1200
Connection size UNI EN 1092-1
Application Industrial