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MVC503R-MB 24 Vac/dc 300 N Modbus

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Compact Actuator for control valves stroke up to 12 mm
Force 300 N
Power Supply 24 Vac/dc
Control signal and feedback via Modbus
Electronic Fail Safe (End position fully open or close field selectable)
MVC503R-MB actuator with fail safe function can be used with valves push/pull (using auto stroke calibration mode) or with valves with spring using fixed stroke mode. The main application is to control hot/cool water flow rate in two/four pipes terminal units, zone, small reheating and dehumidifcation coils. Fail safe function is used in all the applications where we need to specify the valve position (fully open or fully closed) in case of power failure.
The Modbus control is perfect for systems with large numbers of control valves where the number of I/O points of the BMS can be drastically reduced using a field bus.
MVC503R-MB is equipped with MODBUS (SLAVE) communication protocol enabling the communication with other MODBUS devices (MASTER).
More Information
Power supply 24 V AC, 24 V DC
Power consumption Max. [VA] 12
Power consumption [W] 6
Force [N] 300
IP 54
Stroke [mm] 12
Control signal Proportional Modbus
Emergency Return Yes
Options None
Application for valves
Actuators type Motoric
T Fluid max [°C] 120