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MDS520RM 24Vac 20Nm

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Damper actuator with emergency electronic return
20 Nm, modulating control, 24 Vac/dc
Damper size up to 4 m2
Running time 125 s for 90°
IP54 and 2 micro aux
MDS520RM is designed for direct operation of dampers up to 4 m2 (20 Nm) with modulating control and 24 Vac/dc.
• The fixing device allows direct mounting on damper shafts from 12 up to 20 mm diameter or yokes from 11 up to 14 mm on the side.
• IP54 housing.
• Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation selectable by switch.
• Prepared for a rotation of 90°; it is possible to limit the rotation.
• Position indicator.
• 2 micro aux.
More Information
Power supply 24 V AC, 24 V DC
Power consumption Max. [VA] 8
Power consumption [W] 7,2
Torque [Nm] 20
IP 54
Stroke [°] 90
Control signal Proportional
Working range 0÷10 Vdc
Emergency Return Yes
Options 2 micro aux
Application for dampers
Actuators type Motoric