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MCA24LM 24Vac/dc 140N

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Universal electro-thermal actuator,
24 Vac/dc, 140 N and auxiliary microswitch.
Stroke 4 mm, IP54.
Connection with ring nut M30x1.5.
MCA actuators are used on manifolds for radiant floor/ceiling heating and cooling systems.
MCA is designed for ON-OFF (2-wire) control in space heating and cooling systems that use distribution manifolds for temperature control in each individual room.
The auxiliary microswitch is normally open.
Thanks to the innovative adaptation system, this actuator makes it possible to power the vast majority of valves for terminal units and manifolds with a stroke of up to 4 mm on the market. The integrated microswitch allows direct or indirect operation (with external relay) of a pump or a fan so as to ensure the opening of the circuit before starting the device.
More Information
Power supply 24 V AC, 24 V DC
Power consumption Max. [VA] 50 (spunto/start-up)
Force [N] 140
IP 54
Stroke [mm] 4
Control signal On/Off
Emergency Return No
Options 1 micro aux
Application for valves
Actuators type Electrothermal
T Fluid max [°C] 95